ShivaShambo-Ajna-Third Eye-Chakra - Original Painting on Canvas / energised-custommade-unique Artprint


Shiva Shambo
Ajna - Third Eye - Chakra

Entering through the Spirit Eye -
diving into the cosmic ocean of infinite light
6th Element of the painted Chakra Series.
Original in Dimensions: 100x120cm

Available as Original Painting or
Canvasprint: (handsigned)
Optional: Original Repro - Custommade Painted (energised texture)
brush spinned - unique art piece

Energised here meaning that - i will give the print a spin with color and brush, repaint it on 2-3 color layers. Adding some gold and metallic effects for reflections and interaction with light from differnt perspectives. That will make the piece more alive and unique in that sense as it is than one of a kind (not just a print).

With the term energised i refer to energising tab-water - spiraling it so it comes back to it's original quality. I do this also in a meditative way, as it comes to the flower of life pattern of creation, a blessing of the cosmos medicine.

please check for Variations in size

for custom requests, such as other size or material and style
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As i'm offering my service and coopperative in versatile ways i mostly offer my Artwork selfmade and exclusive and limited in production or as originals. So i like to keep close communication with my Customers and Appreciators. i love to sort out all questions personelly with you.
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